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Our passion about the details led us
to create new experiences for you.
OD Urla makes you the center of an experience with its glass surrounded architecture and high ceiling. You may join us at chef’s table which led you to follow our preparation ritual or you may choose to participate on different tables at our restaurant area.

Our olive tree garden is the absolute thing which shows the real texture of OD Urla. You may witness the seasons changing in this area on your every single visit. It’s priceless to see how our growth is including to our kitchen and recipes!

Our essence is created with our ingredients and how we process them. “Farm to Table” is our ultimate method. We design our recipes with products from our own farm and authentic products from local producers. Our foods are mostly cooked with open-hearth fire. This technique is definitely giving your taste sense an another perspective.
Farm to Table

Your OD experience may follow up with our fascinating cocktails seasoned with herbs from our garden or with our wide wine selection. Our unique cocktails and local wines will give you vivid stories.

OD Urla has a great surprise for you in its new season: From now on, OD offers its unique experience at your home!

OD Custom Catering brings the fire of OD to you. With the clean and ethical Aegean products we use in our modern recipes, we’ll be presenting your favorite dishes from our menus in your home environment. We offer you and your guests the experience you had in Urla in much more boutique way with our OD chefs. In this unique experience, which will be more than a “catering” service, we follow our philosophy from the field to the table and determine the atmosphere of the Aegean to ourselves. It is up to you to enjoy this experience.

You may contact us for OD Custom Catering

OD takes home the unique atmosphere of Urla.
It combines local ingredients with intriguing recipes,
inviting you to gather at the fire.
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