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We create our recipes by listening to nature
& carry the seasonal ingredients from farm to table.
Our monthly menu

We keep up with the rhythm of nature. In our opinion, the simplest way to share this with you is to include nature in our recipes. Therefore, our menu and recipes turn into the timing of nature.

In our menu that changes every month, we are inspired by the products of the sea and the soil. In this way, we create flavors that can only be experienced at that time; we share our stories with them.

We learn all the beauties of our location to the finest detail and go after the good material. We believe that there is no better feeling than supporting local production and including these ingredients in all our recipes.

As the soil renews itself, it listens to the air; as the birds migrate, they watch the season.

We can only ensure sustainability while listening to the answers of the questions we ask, and we know that; we have no choice but to make changes in our habits and to raise awareness of our production in order to be permanent.

The rapid progress of everything does not prevent us from being patient.

We already smell the soil: The sprouts of the crops will show themselves.

We’ll see them and provide the care they need.

We are waiting to honor each one with brand new recipes.

Fire was always here but it all started with our control on it. Gathering around fire taught us to be together, not scaring from it taught us ‘cooking’. Simply, human life became longer with fire.

These up-to-date stories are the sparkles gather us up. Therefore OD owes both its name and inspiration to this very first fire. The Experience

OD takes home the unique atmosphere of Urla.
It combines local ingredients with intriguing recipes,
inviting you to gather at the fire.
See how you get here
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