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M. Osman Sezener
Born into the restaurant

M. Osman Sezener was born in 1982 to a family and their restaurants that they operate with joy in Izmir. After graduating from İzmir American High School, he therefore took an interest in the food and beverage industry and decided to follow his family. He started his education in Bilkent Tourism and Hotel Management and completed his education in New York French Culinary right after.

With the help of his half German and half Crete roots, he has stepped into the belief that this sector be able to collate what they gave him. In his words, “thanks to his family the wonderful foods that he ate 4 meals on crowded tables” became the determining factor in the creation process.

He worked in important cuisines in US, Italy and Istanbul after his education in order to reinforce his education life with experience. Again, since he was a child, he met with street food on the domestic and international trips, and the meals he ate in good restaurants played a big role in the development of his palate and mind. Being aware that education is not only at school; he has discovered the materials of the land he lives, the recipes of the people with the story and the treasures of the geographies with different textures as his principle for this food adventure he wants to progress.

At that time, Sezener returned to İzmir from his working experience in different countries, and started to work on expanding his family's Ristorante Pizzeria Venedik with new brands; Venedik Catering and created Venedik Pizza Express. The innovations he plans to make for the family profession have also started to show itself in this way.

Osman Sezener set out to realize what he had dreamed of since his childhood in his determined route, creating a restaurant where he cooked the material from the soil and sea of ​​the region where he grew, in a wood fire, in the most natural way. Based on this philosophy, OD Urla opened its doors to bring visitors with a different experience in the last months of 2018 by positioning Sezener's family olive grove in Urla. OD continues parallel to the never-ending energy of Osman Sezener and renews its menu every month according to the seasonal bring. For Sezener, who believes that everything can disappear unless he leaves himself to change and forces him to develop, OD aims to offer its guests always the new one. The fact that a good restaurant from the Aegean Region comes to the world stage and makes the most creative use of the unique products of its geography while doing it among the ones Osman Sezener and his team have always worked on for OD.

Fire was always here but it all started with our control on it. Gathering around fire taught us to be together, not scaring from it taught us ‘cooking’. Simply, human life became longer with fire.

These up-to-date stories are the sparkles gather us up. Therefore OD owes both its name and inspiration to this very first fire. The Experience

OD takes home the unique atmosphere of Urla.
It combines local ingredients with intriguing recipes,
inviting you to gather at the fire.
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